4 comments on “Avoidance of investigation attempts…

  1. ah that atos moment when you find the bullshitte has grown rather large and that they put your complaint to bed yes all well at atos ,but how do so many complain about it ,something very fishy when a company can look into its own complaints about yes dwp and our goverment got a lot to say or should i say hide about atos .talking of our mp,s where are they like ed only saying he would not do much to ATOS if he was elected so who will get rid of this corrupt company who now have our dwp lying also jeff3

  2. I believe that a good case could be made out to the GMC against the Chief Medical Advisor to Atos, since it is under his name that the assessors are trained and it is under his name that the disingenuous ‘medical reports’ are sent to the DWP.

    I believe that he should be severely admonished, if not completely erased from the Medical Register.,

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