2 comments on “ICE Delays, one year on…

  1. I’ve had the same delays on a case I started in November 2012 – still waiting for a reply 12 months on – the process of waiting ICE to do something with any complaint is approx.12 months I was told – which is great as the people raising complaints are in hardship – the next thing they fail to tell you is that they are funded by the DWP hence Duncan Smith pays the salary – how exactly is that independent? Don’t hold your breath – get your MP to write to the Parliamentary Ombudsman – the system has failed you & so has ICE & these delays are common apparently – I’m waiting for my next delay letter – It’s common knowledge that the DWP deny everything, delay as long a they can & defer you up the line of command until exhaustion … this is a little bit different than their charter states – which is rectify/remedy & prevent from happening again – they do the exact opposite – then again you have 2 ignorant twats that run the show Mr Smith whose reforms clearly failed & Hillary who everyone passes the buck to – should couldn’t manage tying her shoe laces let alone the DWP – sorry to say you are likely to get little remedy until the last stop – keep your evidence..

    • Many thanks for your response. Sadly you were right about the ICE response. They did everything they could to support the DWP, even changing the wording of the complaints so they didn’t investigate particular points. It has now gone to the PHSO, but again I am not holding my breath.
      Best wishes and good luck with yours.

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