3 comments on “…and on to the PHSO

  1. I, too, have UC, and have been through a very similar scenario. After a year long battle I was placed in the SG last August. My GP used exceptional circumstances (regs 29 and 35) to achieve this, although it still took my MP to force them (the DWP) to comply.

    I am now putting together a claim for compensation and, if I get the same sort of BS you did, or any feet-dragging whatsoever, I will go straight to the Ombudsman or consider the small claims court.

    I’m also tempted to report the fraud to the police (although I doubt they’d know what to do with it) – just for the hell of it.

    Have you considered going for compensation? It’s not really about the money, but it seems to be the only punitive measure one can take.

    Whilst I’m here, you may be interested in contributing to this:

    HCPs – Name and Shame, is a blog I have started that attempts to list all the HCPs that carry out WCA and PIP assessments for the DWP via Atos, Capita, and any other companies that are shameless enough to take on the contract.

    We could help each other tremendously if everyone who has had an assessment would get their HCP on that list.

    Please go to: http://nicolasite.wordpress.com

    Another blog with DWP DMs names listed on it will follow in due course.


    • Thanks for your reply and well done on succeeding. Will check out the blog mentioned.
      Currently still going through the complaint process, ICE were useless and not it is with the PHSO but expect a similar result. Wouldn’t know where to go with a court case to be honest and really doubt if it would be successful, sadly. I feel the DWP really are unaccountable for their actions as their overseers don’t really want to do their job :/

      Thanks again and best wishes.

  2. I get where you’re coming from. I’ve actually contemplated suicide with it all – right up to getting out the pills – but there weren’t enough to do the job, and as I was housebound… Anyway, ended up in hospital, instead.

    That said, I think the pen-pushers and failed doctors making these life and death decisions (for which they are supremely unqualified) should be forced to face the consequences of their actions. I doubt they’d be so quick to dismiss claims or sanction people if they did – a bit like when criminals have to face their victims as part of their punishment.

    Anyway, you may be interested to know that individuals working for a company or organisation CAN be taken to court in person. Suing the DWP as an entity is an entirely different matter. You’d need a good lawyer and, therefore, deep pockets (since the government has decimated the legal aid system). It would be an interesting idea to see if a few of us (with BD) could instigate some sort of legal action with funding from the NACC, perhaps. If we had a couple of other people in our position it may well be worth approaching them.

    Just putting it out there…

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